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Our Wildly Comprehensive Guide to Eating and Drinking in Fenway

Nathan Tavares, Rachel Leah Blumenthal, and Anna Arriaga

Apr 11, 2024

Bring your Green Monster-sized appetite to these home run spots serving lobster rolls, bouncy udon, pig roasts, and lots more.

Maybe right now you can’t just get up and jet off to Greece for a vacation spent strolling narrow streets, munching a warm pita from a vendor. You can, however, more easily make it over to fast-casual restaurant Saloniki, which offers the next best thing. The Fenway spot is this local chain’s original location—a bright, chic setting that offers even brighter flavors: There’s the charred lemon gracing the whole chicken plates; the tzatziki that abounds; and the spicy whipped feta you might choose to accompany the lamb meatballs or herby-salty pitas wrapped hug-like around, say, grilled chicken thighs or zucchini fritters.

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