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40+ Boston Restaurant, Bar, and Café Openings We Can’t Wait for in 2024

May 14, 2024

Boston Magazine

When we first published this guide, we were a month into 2024, and the Boston dining scene was already jam-packed with delicious new openings—Mexican in Somerville! Noodles times two in Cambridge! A café/plant shop on Mission Hill! A pepperoni Negroni-filled food hall downtown! Casual omakase in Charlestown!

Now, a few months later, even more spots have opened (Jody Adams’s La Padrona opens in Raffles Boston; Citrus & Salt 2.0 is here!) and even more chefs and restaurant groups have announced upcoming plans, so we’re adding some updates. As 2024 continues, we’re looking forward to plenty of openings, reopenings, and expansions—restaurants fancy and casual, bars, cafés—spanning a variety of cuisines and neighborhoods. Below, check out the details on 40-plus spots we’ve got an eye on, and stay tuned for more restaurant opening coverage throughout the year. Know of something that should be on our radar? Our inbox is open.

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