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19 Best Restaurants in Boston

Todd Plummer & Shannon McMahon

Oct 21, 2021

Condé Nast Traveller

Inspired by the aromatic flavors and street foods of Thessaloniki, Greece, this home-grown, fast-casual Greek concept by star chef Jody Adams has quickly caught on as a local favorite. As with any successful fast-casual concept, the crowd is filled with corporate types dipping out for the lunch hour, students, and anyone and everyone looking to get their hands on souvlaki, salads, or the highly stackable baklava crisps. The menu is steeped in tried-and-true flavors: oregano, honey, creamy feta cheese, slow-roasted meats, and plenty of garlic, all of which is sourced as locally as possible. If you're ordering a wrap, your bread is freshly baked and pressed in front of your eyes in about 90 seconds, resulting in a pillowy pita that's fluffy, warm, fresh and flavorful. From there, you can build your own sandwich or salad, or opt for one of the house specialties. The Herc Pita with braised pork shoulder, spicy slaw, spicy whipped feta, and secret sauce is foolproof, as is The George Pita with spicy lamb meatballs and a charred eggplant sauce. And Saloniki has a leg up on other lunch joints with its small cocktail menu that includes a Saloniki Daiquiri and the dangerously drinkable spiced sangria.

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