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150 Most Influential Bostonians

David S. Bernstein

May 1, 2024

The pandemic is behind us, and Boston is forging ahead into the future. But who's leading the charge in this new era? The landscape is changing: affordable housing takes precedence over skyscrapers, punctual public transportation trumps sports glory. The diverse list showcases Bostonians from various fields, each shaping the city's trajectory. Whether in government, science, finance, healthcare, education, or entertainment, these individuals are pivotal in shaping a dynamic Boston.

Papachristos didn't just bring his own restaurant business back from the challenges of the pandemic; he dispensed advice, assistance, and encouragement for other Boston hospitality companies to recover and thrive. Now he has two exciting projects on the horizon: a rebuild of the beloved Venetian restaurant in Weymouth, which he's completely redoing as part of his transformative plan for Jackson Square, and his hotly anticipated collab with chef Jody Adams, La Padrona in the Raffles Boston hotel.

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